Lavandisca = alvéola, lavandeira. Small bird.

Lavandiska’s history could be told as a fable.

Once upon a time there was a small bird that, from leap to leap, started to fly. And its wings take her always farther. Because the sky is infinite, just like in dreams.

Founded in 2015, Lavandiska is a 100% Portuguese brand, difficult to match a specific category. For Filipa Meira and Roberto Morim, the faces of the project, Lavandiska represents a lifestyle. That said they have suggestions for all daily universes – from home decor to family moments.

Lavandiska personifies the modern woman, decided, pragmatic and always aware of new tendencies. The collections are designed for a contemporary lifestyle, offering practical ideas and suggestions for the day to day, always with a touch of color and good taste.

With a Nordic style inspiration, Lavandiska’s essence expresses itself in the small details. In the quality of the materials, in the originality of the finishes, in the creative design. Because in decor as in life, details make a world of a difference.

Lavandiska is available in multibrand stores all over the country and online.